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Ingress: The Animation: A Netflix Original Anime Series

We’re very proud to announce Berkeley Street Media’s work on the Netflix original anime series: Ingress the Animation. The show was created by Niantic Labs of San Francisco and beautifully animated into 11 stunning episodes for the screen by Craftar, an up and coming boutique animation studio in Tokyo. We were delighted to take a break from live action or any visual role for that matter and showcase the depth of our capabilities in music, sound, audio mixing & post producing!

Let’s be real, just go to Netflix and watch it now and skip reading about “how excited we are” ūüėČ

With Berkeley Street Media founder Ry Wardwell at the helm, not only did BSM envision, produce and closely direct the original score, but we also directed and designed all sound design, dialogue editing, music mixing, music placement, premixing and final dub stage mixing!

Ry developed the stylistic vision for the score, its instrumentation and foundation for the music placement through a 2-month immersive phase, digesting an uncanny volume of new music from around the globe.

Following our early demo work scoring two episodes with music placement and sound design our scope began expanding. Before long Ry and his team were taking the reigns of each and every sound role, post-producing and directing sound design, even foley and English language soundtrack, music editing and mixing.  What began as a 1-person job consulting the Niantic labs and Craftar teams on instrumentation and to inform the initially planned, more traditional/orchestral score, grew over the 6 months into an 18 person team with fully expanded scope to design, direct, produce, QA, package and deliver the show to Netflix!

Ry collaborated with Composer Jacob Yoffee to develop the big shapes of the show’s musical palette, including instrumentation, thematic elements, and its emotional language. Jacob worked with Ry’s cue-specific vision to sketch, compose and produce music nearly “wall-to-wall” for the show’s 11-episode first season — crafting an innovative, charged and entirely original score for nearly 300 minutes of animation! We had almost zero creative oversight or review from the show’s producers, director or studio management — tbh kind of a creative’s wet dream!
Ingress: The Animation is a Japanese anime television series based on the world's first augmented reality mobile game: Ingress, by Niantic Labs. The game is played by more than 3 million people in over 250 countries and has captured the attention of game icons & marketers alike for the unprecedented occult engagement of its community. Ingress: The Animation follows special police investigator Makoto, who has the power to read the memories of objects he touches. While investigating a laboratory explosion that was researching an unknown substance called "XM", he touches the ring of a woman who was the sole survivor of the explosion and sees a horrifying vision that embroils him in a massive conspiracy.

We have always taken pride in driving our editorial with musical precision, and sonically shaping the narrative. We were delighted, and yet, also a little surprised to be entrusted at such a level with this opportunity, especially as a visual media company. We have always gone above and beyond in sound and music craftsmanship for our clients. I guess we now realize that this extra effort in areas that many cinematographers and visual artists overlook, and well, a serious passion to make stuff awesome, eventually pays off…sometimes in a way that demonstrates to others an extent of your capabilities you may not have quite known you possessed!

A huge thank you Niantic¬†Labs CEO John Hanke¬†(also Google Earth and Pokemon GO creator) for entrusting our team with their incredible story and Craftar’s¬†stunning animation work — bringing their work to life sonically was a dream job and what we developed was received as a raving success!¬†

Check out the beautiful, action-packed, freshly-soundtracked show on Netflix!

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